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This is great!

The bubble that pushes everything around is a fun, unique mechanic. Like how bright and colorful this game is.

Only downside is that the controls and bubble were somewhat sensitive. This made more difficult levels very challenging. The most fun was in easier levels with many different solutions.

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its okay

Not bad for a small programming exercise and game concept. The granny started moving and the blocks started falling a little too quickly at the start of each level, sometimes it was tricky to drop the first block in. I completed the game with no trouble though, think if you added more features and teamed up with an artist you could have a decent game!

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The longest platform there is

Either you thought this was a genius idea, or you couldn't be bothered creating any art XD. Regardless the result is a pretty interesting little game. Its interesting the way the brain works when solving visual puzzles that are written out in words. The difficulty was fine and I enjoyed this game! good work.


This game could have been better. It was easy up until the point where I needed to start making stupid jumps requiring perfect timing. I know you decided to go with a retro style - but you left this game having no character to it whatsoever. It was pretty much just generic platformer enemy, generic platform, generic coin collectable etc. Still, nice effort though.

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Simple but interesting.

The art style is really nice. At first I was concerned that I'd get stuck because the levers and round things would be hard to spot at first but that didn't end up being a problem.

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A little bit slow

I like the concept behind this one, however I spent most of my time either nudging green blocks slightly or waiting for my charge to fill up which wasn't fun at all. Speed up this whole process and this might be a great game.

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love it

I like playing games that have some kind of unique feature - in this case trying to avoid your previous self! The crossing over of the run and jump platformer gameplay with puzzle solving where you can pause and try and plan what you're going to do make this game enjoyable. The simple graphics and music suited this game.


A grass moving platformer is a pretty neat idea, and I think that this game is fairly fast paced makes it fun.

Didn't like the art so much, the purple, brown and reds wasn't very easy on the eyes.

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Overall this game is not bad and I did enjoy using the jetpack and it looks like you've put a lot of effort into making plenty of levels.

It became frustrating dying for the tenth time on the same level and having to go back to the start of the level because I just jetpacked into some spikes. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to experience past the first 4 levels. The stab felt a little pointless, it was annoying and not fun to use. I also found the level music didn't suit the game at all.


This game has style, visually. The graphics and cut-scenes are bright an catchy and have this humorous feel to them. Plus I like the design of your cow bird combo, think they'd work well in more games. Didn't like the game-play as much, was slightly tedious due to your only interactions were moving the bird around and clicking on stuff. One of the more enjoyable things about the platformer genre is exploring and although you had creative level design, it was just a game of trying to keep up with a cow going along a path.

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