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Wow, incredible. Especially from :23 to :30, it just blows my mind how amazing it is.

If I were an animation, I'd want to be animated by a JesseJayJones.


Thanks for doing this project as I had a lot of fun watching the live stream. I'd say it was super successful - in the entire time I was watching (the first 12 hours) the chat room was always moving with people constantly talking.

Its fun to watch the crazy ideas that you came up with and the shortcuts you took are amusing too.

My favorites are 5, 6, 7, 12, 17 and 21

I love the audio as it's tiny samples of Hania's music skills applied to a wide variety of moods and themes. The ones with the best music, in my opinion are 2, 5, 8 and 18.

Did this end up to be more torturous than you thought or would you consider doing it all again in the future?

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Overall this was a pretty decent game. It felt like there was no need for it to have 50 levels though. Each one was nearly the same. Besides getting a stronger weapon, there was no feeling of pacing or progression. The later levels looked similar to the early ones, making It seem like the character hadn't really traveled anywhere. The pacing was too constant, adding in some highs and low moments would have broken up the 50 identical levels. The art was ok, I liked the shadowing around the walls, gave the illusion of depth.

orange you glad I liked it

I liked this - It's simple but its humorous. The best part was how the face's color acted as the health meter. The gameplay was fun enough, I think the only thing letting this down is the art looks a bit amateur.

HybridMind responds:

Glad you liked the "health meter" :D

simple, but I like it

Its quick, its simple, its fun! I think its great that near misses reward extra points.
Doesn't really have much of a lasting appeal though, its the kind of mini-game that might work well in one of those larger games that have lots of mini games in them.

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This is one amazing song, and my favourite in Paladin 5. The song is both awesome by itself or alongside the action that is along with it in Paladin 5.

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Really nice work! I kind of want one even if I have no VHS player...

This is really cool - I love the lighting and colour choices, especially the use of the bright red.

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