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Overall this was a pretty decent game. It felt like there was no need for it to have 50 levels though. Each one was nearly the same. Besides getting a stronger weapon, there was no feeling of pacing or progression. The later levels looked similar to the early ones, making It seem like the character hadn't really traveled anywhere. The pacing was too constant, adding in some highs and low moments would have broken up the 50 identical levels. The art was ok, I liked the shadowing around the walls, gave the illusion of depth.

orange you glad I liked it

I liked this - It's simple but its humorous. The best part was how the face's color acted as the health meter. The gameplay was fun enough, I think the only thing letting this down is the art looks a bit amateur.

HybridMind responds:

Glad you liked the "health meter" :D

simple, but I like it

Its quick, its simple, its fun! I think its great that near misses reward extra points.
Doesn't really have much of a lasting appeal though, its the kind of mini-game that might work well in one of those larger games that have lots of mini games in them.

has potential

Propelling yourself with an elastic rope to collect things like gems is a good idea for a game so I think this could be decent with improvements.

The controls were a little unforgiving, it was easy to miss the rope completely. It could also do with a much more nicely drawn background - perhaps each level could have looked differently because you are progressing through different rooms of the cave.

Needs improvement

Didn't really find the game-play fun at all. Find a better way of achieving the perspective look and that might have improved the game a bit. Things tend to slide around and the fences and doors on the side looked very strange. The songs that played in the later levels were interesting and some of the pixel art looked nice.

Its still pretty good for 3 days though.

physics are good.

Pretty good physics. Games where you need to avoid asteroids are fairly common, so when you took that idea and reversed it so that you encouraged hitting asteroids this game felt fresh. The explosion was fun to use and I like the idea of fighting from being pushed back to the bottom of the screen.

Simple shape art is works fine in this because it avoids to much visual clutter. However the larger more important shapes could have been made to resemble something. Having to avoid a giant square isn't as impressive as if a giant asteroid was about to hit you.

like it

A good example of what a small game of skill should be. The concept is simple - you can pick up this game and understand how it works within 10 seconds without reading any instructions. Its also has fast rounds and an addictive nature. Only thing I think could be improved is facing some new variations of this challenge, rather than just here's the next level, its the same with one more ball.

a bit addictive

A simple concept that works well! Slicing up a shape is quite addictive and it has good puzzle elements because you need to figure out a where to cut strategy.

Only complaint was that hitting a ball with your cut and losing the level straight away was very annoying. All your hard work and strategic slicing was for nothing because some random fast flying ball got in the way. I think you need to punish the player for hitting a ball, but not make it an instant lose.


This was a great game, only thing that disappointed me was the short length. The controls were a bit awkward, however I got used to them eventually. Only thing that bugged me were the ball causing the elevators to get stuck and move slowly if you're touching an edge.

I loved the atmosphere. The art was nice and the writing on the walls was a great touch. Discovering all the messages made exploring more enjoyable and they were a pretty powerful way of telling the story. The spooky audio worked well too.

I liked how we got a glimpse of the surface and then it made us drop deep into the ground. It was both cruel and brilliant. A great way to break up the pacing and add some interest to the story and visuals.

The darkness worked well. It made simple puzzles seem much harder than they were.

I think you've got a good mechanics, good pacing and a good environment/story in this, if you make it longer this is going to be awesome!


This game is lots of fun and plays pretty smoothly and even has an upgrade system. Level designs were nice - it wasn't too hard to finish the levels, but collecting everything was challenging.

My favorite part however was the art style. I loved the earthy colors and the mechanical look, down to the clouds and mountains with rivets.

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