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I'll draw some free backgrounds! (Looking to collab)

Posted by zeedox - July 15th, 2017

Hey Newgrounds!

Are you an animator who makes cartoons!? Need some backgrounds? Maybe I can help you, I'm looking for more animators to collaborate with!

I can do them free of charge, but with a few caveats

-It's something you're working on independently, not work you're producing for someone else/a client (in that case I'm willing to negotiate a fair price).

-You've got a few previous front page quality animations already on Newgrounds (or can show me existing work somewhere else of a similar quality)

-I would like to paint these backgrounds in Photoshop even though most of my previous work are vector Flash backgrounds, I've been trying to improve on my raster painting skills lately.

-I'm not looking for any particular scope of project. Need one background for something simple for Animonthly/Loopdeloop or working on something ambitious, either way I may be interested.

-The backgrounds won't be exclusive. I'm going to put the source files up in a bundle that others can purchase and use. I'll probably use them for other things too.

So, If you have a project in the works or you are starting one soon and you think I might be able to help you, let me know! You can see examples of my background work over at BackgroundArt.net

Speaking of background packs, I recently made a background pack #3 available on my Gumroad store, it's the result of the last time I made a similar collab offer. If you want to see the source file of a flash background with 61 layers, take a look!

If you want updates on future background packs or on everything else I work on, my Twitter is the place I post most often!1469953_150013383772_pack3.jpg

Here's one background I once painted in photoshop, and some of my vector stuff too:











Comments (5)

Damn, I was just looking at artists news randomly for something interesting...

And I gotta say that those are amazing!

Too bad I don't need any backgrounds as I don't plan to add any animations to newgrounds...

Or even make 2D animations. xd

Nice Backgrounds, Can you make an icon for my account. Or a thumbnail for a song I plan on uploading. If you will make the thumbnail. My song will be called blade. If you do one of this your the best.

You're really good. I'll show these around to people as well. Someday, I'll be good enough to be able to pay you for art.

I really like those painted ones. I'm looking for a small side project, so I might give you a ring at some point.

I would like one but I'm a developing comic book artist so idk if you're interested.