I'll draw some free backgrounds! (Looking to collab)

2017-07-15 12:02:27 by zeedox

Hey Newgrounds!

Are you an animator who makes cartoons!? Need some backgrounds? Maybe I can help you, I'm looking for more animators to collaborate with!

I can do them free of charge, but with a few caveats

-It's something you're working on independently, not work you're producing for someone else/a client (in that case I'm willing to negotiate a fair price).

-You've got a few previous front page quality animations already on Newgrounds (or can show me existing work somewhere else of a similar quality)

-I would like to paint these backgrounds in Photoshop even though most of my previous work are vector Flash backgrounds, I've been trying to improve on my raster painting skills lately.

-I'm not looking for any particular scope of project. Need one background for something simple for Animonthly/Loopdeloop or working on something ambitious, either way I may be interested.

-The backgrounds won't be exclusive. I'm going to put the source files up in a bundle that others can purchase and use. I'll probably use them for other things too.

So, If you have a project in the works or you are starting one soon and you think I might be able to help you, let me know! You can see examples of my background work over at BackgroundArt.net

Speaking of background packs, I recently made a background pack #3 available on my Gumroad store, it's the result of the last time I made a similar collab offer. If you want to see the source file of a flash background with 61 layers, take a look!

If you want updates on future background packs or on everything else I work on, my Twitter is the place I post most often!1469953_150013383772_pack3.jpg

Here's one background I once painted in photoshop, and some of my vector stuff too:












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2017-07-15 13:17:41

Damn, I was just looking at artists news randomly for something interesting...

And I gotta say that those are amazing!

Too bad I don't need any backgrounds as I don't plan to add any animations to newgrounds...

Or even make 2D animations. xd


2017-07-15 13:38:31

Nice Backgrounds, Can you make an icon for my account. Or a thumbnail for a song I plan on uploading. If you will make the thumbnail. My song will be called blade. If you do one of this your the best.


2017-07-15 13:54:51

You're really good. I'll show these around to people as well. Someday, I'll be good enough to be able to pay you for art.


2017-07-15 15:10:24

I really like those painted ones. I'm looking for a small side project, so I might give you a ring at some point.


2017-07-16 10:46:46

I would like one but I'm a developing comic book artist so idk if you're interested.