Get Some Discounted Background Art! (& small updates)

2017-04-01 21:22:22 by zeedox

In other news, I did a couple of additional backgrounds for Trumped 2 and I've been working with tidohuki on an animated short. The background below is a work in progress of the current BG I'm working on.

I you wanna keep up to date with whatever I'm currently working on, the best place is my Twitter, I've also started streaming my background processes over on Twitch.

I also did an interview for Monoversal which you can see here!

Also, if any of you snagged tickets to Jazza's arty party in Melbourne, I'll see you there next weekend!


Here's something else I drew recently too:



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2017-04-02 02:20:37

Wow, your pictures are awsome! What application do you draw your pictures?

zeedox responds:

Thanks! Most of these are done in Flash CS3