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I'm a freelance background artist and I'm on Newgrounds to make cool things and collaborate with people! Stuff I've worked on include Jazza's The Tale Teller, One Week Ultimate Werewolf and Shopkins: Wild

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CRAZY start to the year! New job!

Posted by zeedox - February 9th, 2019

What's up Newgrounds. I've got a big news update!

In my start of January post I mentioned I was in crunch mode on something BIG, something I've been referring to as project codename "Chocolate Cake"! It's the biggest and most exciting freelance project I've done yet. But just a couple weeks ago, things got a lot more crazy.

I got offered work in an animation studio as a layout artist!

The only way I could do it was by first negotiating a big extention on project "Chocolate Cake" which thankfully I was able to.

I didn't have much time at all to prepare, move interstate and find somewhere to stay. I started last week. I was pretty nervous starting last Wednesday as I've never done layout in a studio setting and there's a lot to learn in so little time. I'm excited to go back to work next Monday even if it will be very full on week. I'm excited because I'm gonna learn so much from it and layout experience will be super valuable on my quest to draw backgrounds.

Of course I'm also gonna have to put in the hours on the side on project "Chocolate Cake" I'm gonna be busy busy BUSY. But I'm excited about where I'm gonna be at if I survive these next 6 months. Working on those DREAM PROJECTS!!


3PM the day before I left Adelaide to go to Melbourne, look what arrived just in time! Finally got my copy of the board game I did art for, One Week Ultimate Werewolf. Now I just need to find the time to learn the rules!




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this is great, you work very hard so you very much deserve this, keep at it!

Cheers Luis!

That's so awesome to see your work in a physical polished product and have that at home!

I'd be curious to hear if you're finding it hard to maintain progress on that project with a fulltime job. Is it going to be a lot of weekend work?

Will be a lot of weekend work, yeah, plus finishing a large chunk of it once my contract ends at the studio. It'll be a grind for sure but it's a little more energizing too not just sitting in my house working alone all day.

This is proof: good things happen to good people. You have been blessed with a godly talent, and you've spent the hours perfecting it. You deserve the reward you were given. Grats to you and look forward to seeing more of your work. :)